" Astrology awakens your awareness to the present and prepares you for the future "  

Welcome to Christinastrology. 

If you have found yourself on this webpage then you are probably having issues with money, career or relationships which             ultimately if not addressed will compromise your health. Astrology is a valuable tool that is tailored to the individual and in                   itself is unique as the person. No two charts are alike, not even twins.

So what is Astrology or more importantly what astrology is not ?
It is not fortune telling, there is no crystal ball involved. It is not palmistry as there is no hand holding and finally it is not tarot                as this ancient art does not include a deck of cards.
To make it clearer I asked one of my regular clients Amalie the following;

What did you think you would get from your first session of Astrology?” she replied “ I thought it was about star signs and that               it would tell me about myself”
Now 6 years later what do you think, and she replies,
Astrology can tell you anything about  your life as well as yourself” I am a very private person and I do not share a lot of myself         with people, I was blown away by Christina's accuracy as she read me like a book and told me things that came true as time        passed. On reflection major doors of opportunity would not have opened for me had I not taken her advice. My perception has        really shifted as I understand more about myself and my life. ”

So to answer the question,
Astrology is the science of astronomical patterns and their connection with behavior in the life of human beings.                                 The association is energetic as explained in Dr Percy Seymour’s book  "Astrology The Evidence of Science". His book               highlights how the central nervous system is affected by magnetic fields. Science has shown the universe to be a complex           system of electromagnetic forces which therefore directly influences humans beings as we are also energy beings. In humans             this magnetic field is known as the chakra system. So here you have a direct connection to the planets. Scientists now            photograph our living aura as electromagnetic fields outside the body and other living organisms. 
The lunar cycle correlates with the female menstrual cycle. Full moons have been long been associated with increased            emotional activity, increased accident rates,  admissions to casualty wards and workload for mental health professionals.                      It is not by accident that there is an increase of these activities at this time.  Most people just lack the understanding that                 cycles work within time and most things are usually only temporary. The earliest astronomers were astrologers. In fact,                       astrology is the mother of astronomy. Science is continually confirming what astrologers have always known.

Healing is made through the choices we make in life.
I believe our main purpose is to be the best spiritual being possible so we can be better human beings. Obstacles and                     challenges we face in our lives and how we manage them define who we become. 
It's not to say that having children, family, status and career are not valid or important, but at the end of the day we only take               our spirit selves with us.