Solar Return

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Natal Session
Highlights your strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats in all areas of life. Looks at belief systems that you carry and helps to identify patterns of behavior and responses that support your growth and those that do not.

The chart is the blueprint to your life’s work. This incorporates lessons and karmic pathways which lay within a persons human and spiritual fabric which is as unique as their fingerprint.  This chart defines the gifts you carry, challenges and how to overcome them in all areas of your life. Some areas of life that are covered include;

Self growth: How do you grow as a person moving on your life’s journey with constant stress and challenges ever presenting?

Vocation: Do you work at a job or are you in your destined career?

Life goals and how to get there

Relationships: With yourself and others

Finance: Revealing ones beliefs and unconscious behaviors on attracting abundance and wealth.

Health: Identifies imbalances in your body, how you react to stress and how to overcome it to maintain wholeness.

Spiritual Session
Spiritual astrology identifies your soul purpose and life path. I believe the soul seeks what the body speaks. Integration and connection of body/soul is necessary for a balanced life. Karmic lessons will be revealed.

sample question “ Can you tell me what my life purpose is and am I on the right path?” 
“I am really feeling out of sorts, not alined in my body and I don’t  know what to do about it.” 

Health Session
Once you understand that your mental and emotional states cause your physical illness, you are then in a position to diminish and even cure your disease. A major preventative tool. 

sample question “ I have constant chronic pain in my body which doctors cannot cure. What can I do to help my situation?”
“I have a family history of cancer. What can I do to maintain my health and minimize the risk?" 

Financial Session
Reveal your financial attitude toward money. Recognize  potential sources of wealth and investment cycles to maximize and prepare for opportunities in business, real estate and income. 

sample question “When is the best time for me to invest?"
I am in huge financial debt and struggling to meet repayments. What can i do to minimize this debt and secure my financial growth?"

Surgical Session                                                                                            
Will determine the best times to have elective surgery with minimum postoperative side effects and optimum results for recovery.

sample question “Is this date a good time to have my elective surgery?” 

Fertility Session                                                                                              
Will determine the couple’s fertility times to enable optimum timing for conception and provide a lunar schedule for conception which is exceptionally different from the menstrual timing

sample question “When is the right time to fall pregnant?"
What can I do to prepare for pregnancy?” 

Children Session                                                                                             
For parents to understand their child’s personality.  To determine the role of the parents in their child’s growth and to empower parents with the tools to truly encourage their child’s fullest potential.

sample question “My child has ADHD, is there anything I can do as a parent for my child?” 
“As a parent, how can i encourage and support my child through difficult times and what can i do to make it better? "

Relationship Session                                                                                     
Analysis of the relationship between two charts to determine compatibility and the best way two people can relate to each other and why they interact the way they do.

sample question “ I just can’t talk to me partner anymore, is there anything I need to understand to save our relationship ?” 
“It"s been tough at the moment, we have been together 7 years and I do not want it to break-up. What can i do?” 

Solar Return Chart
This is a snapshot of the year ahead from your birthday. It Underlines major themes and opportunities that need to be addressed within the 12 month  cycle.

sample question “ I am thinking of making some plans. Can you tell me what this year holds for me ?”
“What opportunities and lessons can I expect this year and what is the best approach for me to overcome obstacles?” 

Event  Chart                                                                                                     
A reading dedicated to specific event or question e.g. opening a business, buying a car or selling/buying a house

sample question “ What is the best date to get married within the next 3 months?”
"I am an artist. When is the best time for me to have an exhibition?”

Combination Chart                                                                                  
The relationship chart of two people combined to determine how they work as a couple and for the potential of marriage. All relationships have their strengths and challenges for growth purposes. These will be revealed.

Sample Question: “I love my partner so much, but we are so different. Can this relationship work?” 
“I have attracted an amazing person into my life whom I love very much and I understand we have attracted each other for our soul journey together. What are the karmic lessons we are here to learn from each other?” 

Relocation Chart                                                                                
Designed to look for the best city to buy a home, look for employment, further my education or to travel.

sample question “ I am thinking of buying a house in Melbourne, will I be happy there?” 
"I am planning a trip to Europe and am looking for romance. In what cities will I encounter this?"

Vocational Chart                                                                                            
It is common to change your career focus at least twice, sometimes three times in a lifetime. This reading provides an insight into your personal attraction to careers which will fulfill you and make you happy.

sample question “I am an artist with particular view on design. How can i incorporate this in my view of becoming an architect?"
“I am turning 50 years old and am thinking of leaving my corporate business as a CEO to  work for world vision. I feel anxious about it, but I feel called to do something very different. At this time in my life, is this the right move for me?”